Thursday, February 26, 2015

Real Estate/Technology -

The Buzbee Law Firm handles all types of litigation's like, personal injury, Car Accident , 18 Wheeler Accident with an interest in wrongful death, Jones Act and general maritime/offshore injuries, railroad injuries (FELA), asbestos (mesothelioma) and other chemical exposure, nursing home abuse, sexual abuse, and tractor-trailer accidents. Our attorneys are experienced at handling class action and Multi District Litigation matters in Texas and throughout the nation, including automobile defects, labor practices, civil rights, falsely advertised or defective products, and antitrust actions. 

Real Estate

When disputes involving real property arise, the matter can seriously affect the ability of a major project to move forward in a timely manner. If you are involved in a real estate dispute, select a law firm that has the courtroom experience and sense of urgency and business understanding you require.


The firm’s attorneys have extensive experience representing large and small technology companies in litigation and pre-litigation disputes relating to misappropriation and breach of contract.

For potential new cases, contact us via email at or call the office toll-free at 1-800-992-5393.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Oil Field Accidents -

Oil Field Accidents

Due to the fast pace of the oil and gas well drilling activity in the United States, and particularly in Texas, the numbers of oilfield accidents and oil field-related injuries and deaths happen at an alarming rate. Many of these oilfield injuries are catastrophic due to the nature of the dangerous work involved.

Oilfield workers are often forced to work long periods of time without adequate rest, forced to take chances in the spirit of being a team player, forced to work with some workers that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or forced to work beside oilfield workers that often take short cuts and ignore established safety standards in order to keep the drilling rig operating at a fast, high profit rate.

The Buzbee Law Firm is proud to represent working people and we have represented several workers injured during onshore and offshore drilling operations.

If you have been injured in an oil field accident, contact us via email at or call the office toll-free at 1-800-992-5393.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Class Action Lawsuits -

Class Action Lawsuits

A class action is a case brought against an entity whose actions have damaged a group of people in a similar way. A class proponent who has been injured may bring a class action on behalf of everyone who was harmed, with class members joining later on.   Class action lawsuits help to achieve justice not just for the individuals who bring such claims, but also for those who have suffered similar losses caused by a defendant’s wrongdoing. Class actions are an important and valuable part of the legal system, providing for the fair and efficient resolution of legitimate claims of numerous parties by allowing the claims to be brought together into a single case against the defendant that allegedly caused the harm.   For potential new cases, contact us via email at or call the office toll-free at 1-800-992-5393.

Representative Matters

The Buzbee Law Firm successfully had a class action certified against a major offshore services company, forcing it to immediately remove all asbestos from its vessels, and to obtain outside certification and verification that its vessels are safe for its workers.   In a first of its kind case, the Buzbee Law Firm brought a class action suit against virtually every offshore drilling company operating in the Gulf of Mexico, alleging that the drilling industry had violated antitrust provisions in setting wages for their workers. After the case was heavily litigated, including the depositions of several high ranking executives with the drilling companies, the case was settled. The trial court approved the settlement and a fund was established to distribute settlement funds to workers covered under the settlement.   The Buzbee Law Firm represented a group of eleven independent payphone providers in an action in Hidalgo County against Southwestern Bell Telephone for violations of the Texas Free Enterprise and Antitrust Act for monopolization, attempted monopolization, and restraint of trade. The case settled to the clients’ satisfaction after Southwestern Bell’s motion to transfer venue was denied and that decision was affirmed by the appellate court. The Firm has been extensively involved in multiple class action settlements involving the FEMA Toxic Trailer litigation.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Buzbee Law Firm - Awarded $29 Million

Buzbee Law Firm: Family of Texas Man Killed in Workplace Explosion Awarded $29 Million

HOUSTONFeb. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The family of an oilfield services worker killed on the job by an explosion of an industrial battery was awarded $29 million by a Houston jury, The Buzbee Law Firm and The Law Office of Matthew J. Mussalli, PC announced today.
Garland "Rickie" Kelley, 38, died after a lithium thionyl chloride battery exploded at a Professional Directional Enterprises, Inc. facility in Conroe, Texas in January 2011. His family alleged that the battery was improperly heated to extend its life for use in an oilfield downhole-drilling tool and was known to be defective.
The lawsuit claims included gross negligence and allegations of missing evidence from the explosion. A separate federal investigation led to multiple "serious" and other citations against Mr. Kelley's employer for violating federal safety regulations.
After a day of deliberations, the Harris County state court jury awarded $4 million in compensatory damages and $25 million in punitive damages late Tuesday.
The family is represented by attorneys Tony Buzbee of The Buzbee Law Firm in Houston, and Matthew J. Mussalli, of the Law Office of Matthew J. Mussalli, PC, of The Woodlands, Texas.
Tony Buzbee, of The Buzbee Law Firm, said, "This verdict should send a message to smaller oil and gas operators that the practice of reheating oilfield tool batteries must stop. The death of Rickie Kelley was absolutely preventable."
Matthew J. Mussalli, of The Law Office of Matthew J. Mussalli PC, said, "This verdict represents another step the Kelley family has taken to rebuild their lives and move forward after the loss of their husband and father."
Defendant Professional Directional Enterprises, Inc., with offices in WyomingVirginiaLouisiana, and Texas, was found 80 percent liable and another defendant that settled before closing arguments in the trial was found 20 percent liable.
The case is "Tonya Kelley, et al., v. Electrochem Solutions, Inc., et al," Cause No. 2012-75148 in the 113thDistrict Court of Harris County, Texas.
Media ContactErin Powers, Powers MediaWorks LLC, for The Buzbee Law Firm,, 281.703.6000.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Personal Injury Attorney -

When an accident occurs due to negligence, an injured person may file suit against the negligent party to recover all of their damages. Damages usually include medical expenses, property damage, pain and suffering, loss of income and earning potential and, possibly, punitive damages.   Proving a physical, emotional, or cognitive injury can be a difficult process. The experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at the Buzbee Law Firm are qualified to handle difficult personal injury and accident cases. We are committed to protecting our clients’ rights and have shown our abilities in the most challenging and complex of injury cases.   When you need a Houston personal injury lawyer, the smart thing to do is ask around, find out who other lawyers call to handle the personal injury claims of their loved ones. We are those lawyers.  For potential new cases, contact us via email at or call the office toll-free at 1-800-992-5393

Personal Injury Representation Matters

The Buzbee Law Firm has represented clients in suits against Ford Motor Company related to the Ford Explorer, taking one case to a significant verdict against Ford. Ford ultimately settled with the firm’s clients to their satisfaction.
The firm represented a Texas City family to pursue claims against the Texas City Independent School District related to alleged sexual assault of a special-needs child. Among other things, the settlement resulted in the school changing its policies pertaining to the investigation, prevention, and detection of sexual abuse in the school.
The firm was retained by a Friendswood, Texas family that owned and operated a dry cleaning business. Their dry cleaning machine spewed hot cleaning fluid, burning one of the owners over 60% of his body. The suit resulted in a financial settlement for the family and, as part of the settlement, the manufacturer performed a mandatory retrofit on all of its machines in an effort to prevent events like this in the future.
The firm recently handled a case on behalf of the estate of an elderly Texas City woman against a large energy utility, related to the death of the woman at her home. The case settled during trial for a confidential amount.
The firm is currently handling a case on behalf of a woman who was badly injured when her apartment manager set off a “bug bomb,” which caused her injuries.
The firm represented a local man who was injured at a hardware store when a clerk knocked several boards onto him. The matter settled on the eve of trial to the client’s satisfaction.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Commercial Litigation -

In 2002, Tony Buzbee was named one of the Top Five “Go To” Lawyers in Plaintiff’s Commercial Litigation, in the State of Texas. Since that time, The Buzbee Law Firm has been involved in hundreds of commercial disputes. The Buzbee Law Firm has a wealth of experience in commercial litigation matters, including breach of contract, fraud, conversion, and interference with contract. For potential new cases, contact us via email at or call the office toll-free at 1-800-992-5393. When your business is in a lawsuit, as plaintiff or defendant, time is crucial. A lawsuit saps time, energy, and money. Every month that goes by means more distraction to your employees. And, if you are paying your lawyers by the hour, every month also brings a seemingly larger bill, with new people billing (many of whom have never tried a case), increasing rates and more costs. And you are no closer to conclusion. Or, if your business has a claim, you may find that no traditional firm will handle the case except on an hourly basis, at rates that you simply can’t afford. At the same time, those attorneys might have little actual trial experience. At the Buzbee Law Firm, we represent clients on a contingency basis and we try cases. We like to take the risk of litigation with our clients. And, and we are only paid when the case is over. That means we spend every minute with the same goal as you—conclude the case at the best possible result in the shortest time and most efficient way possible. Our lawyers have significant big firm commercial litigation experience and extensive trial experience. Tony Buzbee started his career at one of the best litigation boutiques in the entire country. If you are interested in putting that experience to work for you, give us a call.

Representative Matters

Represented singer Jimmy Buffett in a trademark dispute in Galveston federal court. The matter concluded with the offending party being taken to jail and later agreeing to never sell an infringing product again. Represented holders of commercial notes in action against them and their broker. Represented former clients in cases against their former lawyers resulting in multiple settlements Represented famed horse brokers in claims made against them by Jim “Mattress Mac” MacInvale. Defended and tried to verdict claim brought against client Texas Instruments. Obtained a $0 verdict on behalf of Texas Instruments. Represented Galveston real estate developers against Army Corps of Engineers. Represented Port of Galveston in commercial claim. At prior firms our attorneys have represented numerous Fortune 500 companies in commercial litigation matters.